About Quill Scratchings and Ink Thoughts

Ink thoughts – just that. It’s a space to convert ideas, opinions, stories and concepts from mere musings into something that might just spark interest.

About the author

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy writing generally covers science and technology. Though I occasionally develope opinion pieces, most of what I do is about clarifying and communicating science in an alternative form to traditional (and frequently impenetrable) journals.

I studied science at James Cook Uni in North Queensland before moving to La Trobe Uni for a job with the Victorian Institute for Earth & Planetary Sciences. With a bit of encouragment (okay just a little bit!), I commenced a PhD in Geology and eventually (after a really, really long time) completed this degree at the University of Melbourne. I’ve worked in Australia’s premier science organisation, CSIRO and the Geological Survey of Victoria, as well as putting in some time as a technical writer in the technology and engineering press. Now, I’m back at Melbourne Uni and enjoying every minute of it (except for when I’m writing, painting, doing photography and theatre) 🙂

David Belton – July 2013

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